India Energy Storage Week

International conference and expo on Energy Storage, E-Mobility, Charging Infra, Green Hydrogen & Microgrids
July 1st to 5th 2024 at Yashobhoomi, IICC, New Delhi

Long Duration Energy Storage Forum

In association with the LDES Council, IESA is organizing a dedicated India LDES Forum (on 3rd July) to advance the deployment of LDES technologies in the Indian energy storage market as part of the India Energy Storage Week (IESW), 1-5 July 2024, IICC, New Delhi. We are glad to invite your organization to join India LDES Forum. Please nominate one of your sr. officials to attend the LDES Roundtable and networking dinner. Please confirm by filling out the below form by 7th June 2024. Our team will confirm on receiving the nominations.

Structure of the India LDES Forum

  1. LDES Roundtable, 5:00 – 6:30 PM IST – invitation only
  2. Happy Hours & Networking Dinner, 7:00 PM IST onwards – invitation only


Key Discussion Points include-

  • Global LDES technologies readiness and global landscape focused on the markets
  • Understanding the key changes in the growth of LDES deployment in India
  • Overall costs for decarbonized buildouts, and planning tools for grid decarbonization through LDES technologies
  • Regulatory support is required for implementing LDES projects in India
  • Setting up the target for LDES deployment for India
  • LDES technologies – applications and implementation status,
  • Future implications and limitations


Key invitees include Global LDES technology providers from India and other countries, Govt officials

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