India Energy Storage Week

International conference and expo on Energy Storage, E-Mobility, Charging Infra, Green Hydrogen & Microgrids
July 1st to 5th 2024 at Yashobhoomi, IICC, New Delhi

IESA-WRI Green Hydrogen Roundtable


Roundtable on Green Hydrogen Growth: Sub-National Dialogue on Catalysing Change for Addressing Growth Hurdles

11:30- -13:00 Hours, 4th July 2024, IICC, New Delhi

India Green Hydrogen Day (as part of IESW 2024)

The Government of India is implementing the National Green Hydrogen Mission, aiming to position the country as a leading producer and exporter of green hydrogen globally. The mission sets an ambitious goal of producing of 5 million metric tons (MMT) annually by 2030. Under the Mission, the Government of India has introduced various incentives, policy mechanisms, and supportive frameworks to encourage green hydrogen production and electrolyser manufacturing.

Following these initiatives, several Indian states including Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Odisha, Sikkim, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka have undertaken specific steps to facilitate green hydrogen. The states’ approaches range from drafting dedicated hydrogen policies to budgetary allocations, and facilitating projects through respective renewable energy policies, and industrial policies.

These state-level initiatives include various incentives targeted at reducing the cost of renewable energy used to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia, as well as measures to develop a robust manufacturing ecosystem for electrolysers and other critical technologies.  Accordingly, significant measures have been proposed in various state government policies to enable industry to ramp up green hydrogen production and exports. These include:

Incentives aimed at reducing the cost of renewable energy encompass various measures such as exemptions on electricity duty charges, cross-subsidy surcharges, additional subsidy surcharges, intrastate transmission charges, and wheeling charges. Additionally, these incentives extend to land allocation, entailing government land provision at subsidized rates, stamp duty exemptions, and exemptions from other local taxes. Further support is provided through assistance and incentives for innovation and research & development, GST reimbursement, employment subsidies, CAPEX subsidies for electrolyzer and equipment manufacturing facilities, subsidies for green hydrogen utilization across diverse applications, facilitation of water infrastructure development, single-window clearance, and transmission connectivity facilitation.

However, further challenges are anticipated as the industry moves towards implementation of projects. Industry stakeholders have highlighted the lack of domestic offtake, availability of land at suitable locations, access to renewable electricity, and availability of critical equipment and associated infrastructure as some of the crucial pieces. These challenges vary by state or region, requiring a tailored policy approach. It will accordingly necessitate close collaboration among industry stakeholders, research institution, academia and the relevant government bodies to identify and execute strategic actions.

This roundtable discussion will seek to facilitate the dialogue between government institutions and industry stakeholders, highlighting the key challenges in implementation of hydrogen projects in the country, and deliberating how state-level policies could facilitate the process.  The aim is to have an open and constructive discussion to identify specific bottlenecks and obstacles and suggest concrete steps that could mitigate them. 

Key Topics

High Production Costs, Water and Land Availability, Export Competitiveness, Centre of Excellence, Required Skill sets, Facilitation and upgradation of Infrastructure Needs, Regulatory and Policy Frameworks, Market Development, Ease of doing business, Finance, Safety

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